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Rent MyRide is born from an idea of making luxury car rental experience as seamlessly Accessible | Easy | & Secure as possible with a click. Founded in 2017 – Headquartered in Dubai, we are a continuous success story in the booming mobility market. We are currently operating in Dubai with a vision to exponentially diversify globally. Rent MyRide embarks on its vow to create first rated services centric upon Best quote| Smart booking | competitive terms and minimalist paperwork.

Focus Customers first, Profits will follow

The heart of our business philosophy lies in building a customer base with an intent to develop long terms ties for mutual contentment. We believe in fostering a focus on sustainability, not merely because it’s smart for Rent MyRide, but because we believe in bringing a difference to premium mobility for future generations. Whether its modern era fleet of Supercars of all exotic brands that we offer or its 24/7 customer service of Rent MyRide | luxury car rental in Dubai. Being inspired by innovation, we are in a unique position to live through our core philosophy of turning ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY. Growth cannot be attained without our business partners and stakeholders. Our values are shared amongst all to ensure a sustainable mutual growth beneficial to everyone associated and impacted directly or indirectly by the business.

Shift to top gear and make your trip extraordinary by renting high-end cars from us. Rent MyRide | luxury car rental in Dubai is an online platform to provide an exclusive fleet of high-end cars from all over the world under one roof. We are experts at making your experience the BEST. Renting a luxury car at Rent MyRide means, Drive Premium Pay Economy in addition to the desired pickup/drop off locations, 24/7 roadside assistance, and much more.

Making Trips as Exciting as Destinations

At Rent MyRide | luxury car rental in Dubai, you will get the latest high-end vehicle models from top manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Mclaren, etc. Choose a high-performance luxury car from a comprehensive premium fleet to begin the extraordinary journey. Browse our website to know what else we offer to Roll an unforgettable experience with Rent MyRide across Dubai ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Message From The CEO

“Your success ALTITUDE is determined on how GROUNDED you are with the needs of your Customer. Quality service is the only shortcut to success and the best advertisement that goes viral instantly.” - Said, Mr. Zahid.

Meet Our Biggest Supercar Fleet

Be the Envy of all with our hottest Supercar Fleet including Stretch limousines, sports cars, convertible, SUV, Sedan, and Saloons. We have enlisted more than 5,000 premium supercars in our fleet, collected from all over the world – JUST FOR YOU! Search your car with us Based on your features preference and filter out the best possible available options to make up a wise choice. We are one-stop hub to connect you with reliable car rental companies across Dubai. That’s why you get the best Rates | zero booking fees, to begin with, and the best services on Go!

Be it Ferrari | Range Rover | Porsche | Audi | Mercedes Benz | BMW | Lamborghini | Limousines or more - there is always something for everyone under 1 platform to take the Road.Get aboard with us.Your luxury car awaits you at

Luxury car rental in dubai

Our Vision

To be the global brand that provides the best premium and luxury transport to anyone and anywhere within minutes.

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem that will provide and managethe life circle of luxury transportation globally.

Our Goal

To be the global brand that provides the best premiumand luxury transport to anyone and anywherewithin minutes.

What Makes Rent MyRide Luxury Car Rental in Dubai SO AWESOME?

Rent MyRide - Get Aboard to Make Trips as Exciting as Destinations With Us

Hiring a luxury car rental in Dubai at Rent MyRide means you will be privileged with:

  1. Making premium mobility Accessible | Easy | Reliable | Fast with a click
  2. Exotic Fleet of exclusive Luxurious cars from all over the world available under one platform
  3. 4 step customer journey. Get registered online | choose your dream ride| make payment | Yalla lets go!
  4. Be it an hourly | daily or weekly rental, we have got you covered
  5. Delivered at the preferred location within 60 minutes
  6. 24/7 roadside assistance available
  7. Zero to minimum security deposit guaranteed
  8. Transparent cost, no hidden charges
  9. Flexible payment options
  10. Freedom to custom schedule |driving hours whether self-driven orchauffeured driven
  11. RTA certified chauffeur
  12. Comprehensive mileage limits
  13. Same day booking confirmation
  14. Basic Insurance Coverage and much more!