• Posted on Mar 24, 2021
  • Luxury Cars

5 Tips to Remember When Renting a Luxury Car for the First Time

Dubai can be the most exciting city that you have ever been to, especially if you know how to explore the possibilities to the full extent. Thousands of people visit Dubai on daily basis for many different reasons, but all reasons include travelling that is for sure. Apart from excitement, adventure and countless activities to do, Dubai offers an extreme level of luxury to the visitors. For example, most car rental companies offer rent a luxury car in Dubai airport option. You can select a luxury car rental in Dubai and get your car delivered to the airport. You can also get chauffeur services for even more convenience.

Most of the time people are hesitant to rent a luxury car in Dubai, as they think that renting a car is a hectic process, and they might not get the deal they paid for. It is true that if you are not careful, you will end up with a bad deal, but this uncertainty can easily be confiscated with a little bit of research and knowledge. Here are 5 tips that can help you to get the best car rental deal in Dubai.


1. The Best Luxury Car Rental in Dubai


The first is always to find the most appropriate car rental company. You can not just rent a car from the next company you see. If you want to get the best deal for your rental, you have to research for it. The best option is to ask a friend who rent a luxury car in Dubai occasionally. However, if this option is not available, you can search for it online. Luxury cars rental cost is usually higher, so if you put some effort into finding the authentic company, you can save yourself from losing a great deal of money. Here is how you can decide if the company is worth your time and money.

  • Check the company’s fleet.
  • Check their terms and condition.
  • Check if they have a flexible booking schedule?
  • Analyse if their customer services department is helpful or not.
  • Check their deposit fee and compare it with different companies.
  • Check if they provide efficient roadside assistance or not?
  • Ask their deposit returning time.
  • Make sure they have secure payment gateways.
  • Check their social media feeds, reviews and comments. Also, check their Google rating and reviews. 
  • Ask about the exact pricing policy. Their insurance plans. deposit rates, delay fines and extra charges for tolls and taxes.


Every luxury car rental in Dubai has a slight difference in its policy. You can choose the one that suits your requirements the most.


2. Requirements For Renting


To rent a luxury car in Dubai, You need to have some important documents, and you should be 21 years old. If you are underaged, you cannot rent a luxury car even though you have a licence.

If you are 21 years old, you need to submit the following documents to your car rental service;

  • Emirates ID (If you are a resident)
  • Emirates Driver’s licence
  • If you are not a resident, you are required to provide an international driving license.
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy (If you are on a visit visa).

These documents are submitted in a scanned copy if you are going for an online booking.


3. Know About the Traffic Laws


If you are renting a car for the first time, you may not know the rules of driving in Dubai. To avoid any unfortunate incident, you should go through the rules quickly. This will not take as long but sparring a few minutes will save you from losing money for fines, and it will make sure you and other fellow travellers are safe.


4. Beware of Scams and Know the Money Saving Tips


It’s not news that many luxury car rentals in Dubai may be nothing but just a scam. Such companies will charge you more for your rented vehicle, and their cars will not be up to the standards. Also, sometimes you get caught in a situation where you just have to pay more on the account of not knowing. For example, you just arrived in Dubai, and you consider availing yourself the option of rent a luxury car in Dubai airport. This is no doubt a convenient option but getting a car delivered at the airport comes with an added fee. Similarly, you should know about the tolls and avoid the places where you may be charged an added fee.


5. Know Your Emergency Contacts


When you are renting a car for the first time and driving in Dubai for the first time too, the first thing you should do is get all the emergency contacts as possible. Your Luxury car rental in Dubai can provide you with all the numbers. Apart from that, they should be the first ones to arrive for help. Make sure the company you choose provides efficient roadside assistance and can assist you at once.


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