• Posted on Jan 21, 2021
  • LifeStyle

6 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Dubai

Car renting in Dubai is a convenience almost everyone wants to have. People who go there for vacations or business trips try to get rental vehicles. They are an excellent option for multiple travels and provide a maximum comfort level while travelling. However, they can be costly, especially if you are going for a luxury car.  

Car rental services in Dubai provide many cars for rent. You can get an Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Range Rover for renting. Sports car rent costs much more, so the accessories that come with these cars are expensive too. However, if you tread carefully, you can save a lot of money and get your desired car at a favourable price. To avoid any additional or surplus cash, you need to know the trends and mistakes people make while hiring a car. 

Compare Car Rental Services of Different Companies

Research before renting a car or choosing a car rental service is always helpful. So it is best that whenever you book yourself a car, you take your time to choose the car rental service that suits your requirements and budget the best.

Car rental Companies keep revising their packages. Most people who regularly rent cars choose one company they trust the most and keep renting cars from that. It is not a bad practice, but choosing a different company might help you cut back some charges. Dubai has many professional car rental companies, then why dwell on just one when you can save money by choosing another company. 

Be Aware of the Insurance Policies 

Almost all the car rental companies in Dubai charge money for the insurance of the vehicle they offer for rent. They offer multiple packages for your convenience, and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Car rental insurance includes personal coverage, collision damage waiver, loss damage waiver, personal accident insurance, and personal effect coverage. Getting all these insurances can cost you a great deal of money, so it is best to choose the insurance policy that suits you the best. 

Car rental companies also offer comprehensive insurance that covers all the insurances. Many suggest that this is the best way to go. But this can cost you a lot. Traffic rules in Dubai are stringent, so accidents are less likely to happen. You can choose any insurance policy that suits your needs the best. 

Cut Back on Accessories

Most car rental companies provide multiple accessories and charge extra money for them; for example, they charge extra money for a GPS. You don’t need  GPS if you are familiar with the roads or can use the GPS on your phone. So why pay extra? You can always choose to drive yourself if you have an international license. It is also wise to ask the company before about all the taxes that may occur while completing the transaction. You can cut back your money by choosing the vehicle you don’t have to pay extra taxes. 

Keep an Open Eye for Discounts

Car rental service providers provide multiple discounts on almost all cars. So if you are researching the company, you can choose the one offering the most discounts on deals. You don’t always have to go for the discounted prices as some of them may be misleading. Still, some proficient companies are legitly offer massive seasonal and occasional discounts to their clients. You can easily save a fair amount from these discounts. 

Pick Up and Dropoff Locations.

Pick up and Drop off location are very important for car renting. Some of the areas you choose for the pick up may be expensive or costs more. For example, if you ask the car rental service to deliver your car at the airport, they may ask you for some extra money. You can always get some help from a friend and get your car outside of the airport premises you can save a lot of money. 

Choosing the returning date and time is also essential. If you select a different time, let’s say you hired a car for three days and chose the returning time an hour over the 3rd day, the company may charge you money for the whole day. So it is best to ask the company for the charges of late or prior delivery. Some companies also charge extra for early delivery, so be sure to get the whole picture before renting a vehicle to save yourself money and stress. 

Book Your Car Before Your Trip. 

Dubai is always open to vacations, but like every country, peak seasons, and holiday seasons affect the pricing of car rental services in Dubai too. The best practice is to research for the company before and book the hire beforehand. You can save yourself from the peak season packages. It is also best to ask the company for their packages and discounts for the time you are travelling. 

Renting cars in Dubai is convenient in many ways, but the process requires keen attention. There is always a way to avoid paying extra money to the car rental service companies by educating yourself on the policies and comparing the companies. You should always choose the company which is transparent about their packages and come forth with the hidden charges.