• Posted on Feb 04, 2021
  • Luxury Cars

8 Safety Tips to Driving in UAE

If you have driven a car in Emirates, you may have a fair idea that driving through dense traffic on the road can be difficult for you. It may lead to competition on the road to get the most suitable spot for driving. You must make sure that you follow all the rules of law set by the authorities so that you can drive safely. The visitors or residents of Dubai who have rented cars from the luxury car rental may have to be more careful since they have to return the car in scratchless condition. Therefore we are covering 8 safety tips for driving in UAE to help you drive effectively in the Emirates.

1. Maintain Safe Distance From other Cars

You should maintain a safe distance from other cars travelling with you. Apply the 3 seconds rule when you are driving. That instructs the drivers to wait for 3 seconds after a car has made a turn or passed by an object near the road. After 3 seconds have passed you can drive your car on the same path. It will also ensure that you have enough space when you change speed or apply quick breaks. If you are driving a rented automobile from luxury car rental you must make sure you keep a distance from other automobiles when driving it. That will keep the car safe. 

2. Look for other Cars and Keep your Automobile Visible

Headlights are necessary at night driving making it possible for you to see your path and other automobiles. However, plenty of drivers do not turn them on because they feel they can drive without them. They overlook that the headlights assist the driver in navigating properly. Also, headlights allow other drivers to view your car. Therefore, remember to be careful about the people who are driving without turning on their lights. Try inspecting the road for other automobiles before gaining speed. Therefore if you rent a luxury car in Dubai, you should make sure all the lights of the car are working properly.

3. Over Speeding

You must be aware of safety rules while travelling. Many people in the UAE with high-speed sports cars don’t abide by the speed limits. Try maintaining a proper speed on the roads and provide a way for the other automobiles that are driving nearby. That will keep you and your car safe. 

Therefore after you rent a luxury car in Dubai, it is advised that you should observe speed limits while driving.

4. Hazard Signals

Plenty of drivers often forget to use hazard signals when there is an issue. The traffic specialists advise that it greatly assists the other drivers in finding out if your car is slowing down. Or there is an obstacle in traffic. Also, when there is a glitch in the car you should move to the slow lane. It is advised to keep your hazard signals on so you can tell the other drivers that your car needs roadside recovery. So, when you rent a luxury car in Dubai you must ensure that all its lights and hazards are working. Otherwise, you can tell the luxury car rental company to fix the lights.

5. Doing Undertaking on the Road

An undertaking is an opposite of overtaking. Speeding from the fast lane to the slow lane and overtaking the vehicle from there is undertaking. It is illegal in Emirates. Therefore to be safe, you must inspect both the sides of your car from side mirrors and look for any spots that are difficult to observe before changing lanes.

6. Turn Signals

People of UAE use turn signals unpredictably. They may turn them on without making any turns. Or they may take a turn without giving any indicator. Therefore you should drive in the UAE with great care. 

Everyone who wants to rent a luxury car in Dubai should tell the luxury car rental company to provide a car with working turn signals.

7. Driving Experience

It is considered a risky practice to drive a car on the road if you are not experienced in it. Therefore, it can be very harmful to the new driver to go into the busy traffic area of the UAE roads. Hence, new drivers are advised to drive at quiet traffic hours to improve their skills.

8. Remember the Paths

Traffic experts advise that it is normally better to drive on the routes you know the most. So, you can drive efficiently because of awareness of the traffic density. You will reach your desired location quicker and you will never go in any other direction.

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