• Posted on Sep 01, 2021
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Enjoy Adventurous Travel with Ferrari 488 Rental Dubai

Dubai is the city where all your dreams are fulfilled whether they are too normal or too bizarre. The city has all kinds of luxuries and activities that one could imagine. So, if you have plans of spending your holidays in a foreign land then Dubai is the perfect place. You can fulfil your every wish in this city as it has every facility to accommodate its visitors. People mostly visit the metropolis to relish the very idea of driving different sports cars. Dubai is famous for many things but the most popular thing about the city is its supercars. It is filled with various exotic vehicles that can elevate the exciting notion of an exquisite driving experience. One of the most in-demand sports cars in the city is the Ferrari 488 GTB. The super vehicle has been mesmerizing everyone with its painstaking mechanics and incredible driving dynamics. Due to this Ferrari car hire Dubai is a widely known concept there.


The 488 GTB is a big deal for Ferrari because it set the benchmark of immense power and class. For many years, Ferraris have had naturally aspirated engines that were known to be heavy on fuel and not particularly efficient when driven at high speeds. In order to keep up with modern technology and appease drivers who are conscious about mileage but still want power, they replaced their old engine design with turbochargers which provide more horsepower than previous models without having as much environmental impact or require refuelling so often. Not only this but this vehicle has so many other features. Let's discover some of the quality properties of Ferrari 488 rental Dubai:


Impressive Performance of Ferrari 488 GTB - Ferrari 488 rental Dubai


The name 488 GTB signifies that the engine unitary displacement is 4.8 litres, the car is also known as Berlinetta which means fast car in Italian. This Ferrari model will give excellent performance due to its high-performance V8 powering up 3478cc of power generating 660 horsepower at 8500 rpm along with 760 Nm torque available between 3000 - 5500rpm for best handling on roads while driving enthusiasts enjoy this car more than ever before. The car locks horns with Mercedes-AMG GT, Porsche Cayman BMW Z4, and Porsche 911 In terms of on-road performance and amenities, this sports car provides a unique experience for its drivers by delivering unmatched power.


Elegant and Fully-Equipped Interior - Ferrari Car Hire Dubai


The interior of the 488 GTB was designed to be perfectly tailored around a driver’s needs, bringing across an impression that is more like you are in your own cockpit. The controls and buttons for adjusting settings such as speed or even radio volume aren't clustered on the steering wheel. The Ferrari 488 GTB is a car that has an advanced dual-clutch manual transmission with traction control, seven speeds and a suspension system to ensure the highest stability. It comes equipped with premium audio equipment, GCC specifications, a push-button ignition system as well as standard features such as front airbags and a reverse camera. Contact any nearest Ferrari car hire Dubai and get the best deals as you can see this super vehicle deserves to be driven around the city!


Stunning Outlook of Ferrari 488 Rental Dubai

The curves and fantastic design of this sports car are breathtakingly beautiful and graceful. The Ferrari 488 GTB is unparalleled in terms of elegance and appearance. Isn't it true that travelling in a 488 GTB would increase your travel experience? Driving a well-maintained and appealing sports car can vastly improve and enhance your trip experience. Driving a 488 GTB will make your travel exponentially better. Not only is the car elegant and graceful, but it's also incredibly well-maintained for improved performance on long trips. So, rent this extravagant 488 GTB from any Ferrari 488 rental Dubai and start the unlimited fun and thrill.


If you're looking for a powerful car to drive on Dubai's busy highways, look no further than the Ferrari 488 GTB. This vehicle is ideal for people who need an extra boost of confidence while driving in the city and has enough power to overtake other vehicles. In addition, there are many rental businesses that can provide customers with luxurious sports cars such as this one from well-known brands like Ferrari - all of which offer high-quality service at reasonable rates. However, if you want specifics then RentMyRide is one of the top Ferrari rentals in Dubai. The company has been providing unparalleled services since 2017 and have always preferred to provide quality and value to their customers. Check out the website to find out more!