• Posted on Jun 09, 2020
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Experience Blend of Armouring & Stretching of A Fighter Jet on Wheels with Mercedes Benz G63 Limo Rental in Dubai

Grand celebrations always demand extra. Be it Wedding | Royal patrol | Business symposiums | or Award ceremonies you name it - There's no better choice than Mercedes Benz G63 Limo Rental in Dubai to roll the event glamorously. Talk about the high-quality equipment or amenities – this stretched limo has it all.  

When the grand celebration is buzzing on your schedule, driving a car would is never a priority. So going for Mercedes Benz G63 Limo Rental in Dubai with RTA certified chauffeur behind the wheel is the best solution for your travel.  Just sit back on couch-like seats while your chauffeur will drive you around to arrive at the desired locations for panache entry or exist. The hiring of a chauffeur-driven limo unmistakably has a wealth of advantages to it. This tends to be a big boon both for business and leisure ex-pacts in Dubai as they can concentrate on their respective interests without worries such as those we described above. Rent Mercedes in Dubai from the comprehensive fleet of the latest Mercedes Models at Rent MyRide.


Sneak peek into the Configuration

Under the hood, the 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V-8 engine lies in the heart of this commando to roar the top speed of 149 mph. With 9-speed automatic transmission coupled with AWD, this SUV is synonymous to manoeuvrability & performance. Rent Chrysler 300 Limo in Dubai to stay immune against the scorching heat of Dubai.

Sneak peek into the Lux Amenities

This luxury SUV accommodates 18 persons perfectly. Rent Mercedes Benz G63 Limo in Dubai that exhibits a blend of stretching & armouring to dispense extreme safety and comfort on the wheels for presidential cruising. Its advanced bulletproof armour body has the capacity to absorb explosions from 2 DM51 hand grenades and 7.62 mm high-power rifle bullets. Compared with standard limo this type of limousine is chic and funky undoubtedly. If you are interested in opting out for Mercedes Benz G63 Limo Rental in Dubai – here is what you need to know to pin down your inclination a bit more.

  • Cruise control | Climate control

  • 360° armouring | AC system

  • Multi-layer bullet resistant glass

  • Built-in command centre 

  • Thermal & Infrared cameras 

  • Secure cloud server

  • Perimeter surveillance systems

  • Rear massage seats 

  • 4K Apple TV | voice control

  • Motorized bar with a chiller 

  • Bespoke audio system

  • leather upholstery

  • Tinted glass all round | Powered windows

  • Rear massage seats 

  • Navigation

  • Rear entertainment system

  • IPad-controlled environment

  • Driver's airbag | Passenger's airbag and more

Smart Rental Alternative to Mercedes Benz G63 Limo

Below are a few smart rental alternatives to G63 Limo for fun goers like you:

  • 17 seated Cadillac Escalade Limo
  • 14 seated Infiniti XL Limo
  • 10 seated Challenger Limo
  • 9 seated Challenger Limo
  • 17 seated Dodge Super Limo
  • 8 seated Lincoln Town Limo

Things to Consider:

No matter how you choose to reach your special event, here are a couple of things to consider before boarding luxury car rental service providers: 

  • Competitive terms
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Freedom to custom your schedule
  • Flexible payment options
  • Best quote
  • Insurance coverage
  • RTA certified chauffeurs

Checked the checklist? Yes! Wonderful, you are all set to witness the royalty to roll out a truly ultra-cruising experience