How much is it to rent a Rolls Royce Wraith?

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Published on Jun 22, 2021

Dubai is a place full of luxury cars cruising on its roads from dawn till dusk. Therefore there is a tremendous craze for unique, sleek, fast, safe and multi-feature cars in the city. If you have a passion for driving a premium automobile, then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from sitting behind the wheels of an automobile that has a high horsepower engine. Modern cars come equipped with sophisticated technology. They have reliable components that provide superior performance to their drivers. The constant research has led to the improved mechanical and electrical infrastructures of the latest vehicles. They have evolved to the extent that anyone who has a desire of hiring a luxury car can make grand impressions on the people, after renting one. Therefore you can rent Rolls Royce in Dubai, for embarking on the journeys of your lifetime. A car that will open doors to new horizons for you. When you drive in this car, you will feel that you are on the best trip of your life. However, it can be affordable for some but expensive for most people. Therefore in this post, we are providing an overview of, how much does it cost to rent a Rolls Royce Wraith? First of all, we will mention the leading characteristics of the vehicle.



1. How Rolls Royce Wraith is Ahead of the Competition


Rolls Royce Wraith is all about speed, dynamism and grandness. This car is the one-of-its-kind elegant cruiser. It has a revolutionary speed that booms upon pressing the paddle. The automobile leads all the cars in the market when it comes to performance. It offers an ultimate driving experience to the driver improving it with electrifying mobility. The automobile is known for its splendid prowess because it is set in motion by a solid engine. The vehicle speeds up to its destinations with athletic ability. Wraith has an extraordinary style because it has an aerodynamic body with design attributes showing notable craftsmanship. When sitting in this car you can reach the road to discovery. This automobile leads the way when it comes to travelling. You can rent this car from Rolls Royce car rental in Dubai near you.


2. The Rental Cost of the Rolls Royce Wraith Automobile


Various car rental companies are offering this car on rent at different rates. The rent of this car depends on the number of extra features added to it and the period of hire. The usual amount of rent by most of the car rentals for renting this car for one day is AED 2500/Day. Moreover, you will be required to pay a security deposit of around AED 3000 when hiring this car. That deposit will be returned to you when you return the vehicle to the car rental. This deposit is necessary to pay for any damages that may occur while driving. The car rental company can deduct an amount from it to make payments for the traffic fines. In case you have been caught doing any violations. The car rental firm can block your initial deposit when you violate traffic rules. They can hold the initial deposit until the time mentioned in the policy of the car rental company. Usually, it may take 14 to 21 days before the car rental releases it after the blockage.


Predefined Mileage Limit, Insurance Coverage and Interior Space


Most companies will charge you the amount of AED 2500/Day for the predefined mileage limit of 250 kilometres, set by them. Moreover, you will benefit from standard insurance coverage when hiring an automobile. Rolls Royce Wraith is a two-door coupe model. It can accommodate four people in it, and you can adjust two mid-size suitcases in its boot conveniently. The car is known for its state-of-the-art refinement and style.


Engine Specification and Position amongst Competitors


This automobile has a dual-turbocharged 6.6-litre V12 engine that lies at the center of this ever-green premium coupe. This technology complements the eight-speed automatic gearbox. When considering the real-time MPG (miles per gallon) fuel consumption and affordability, the car provides 12 miles per gallon in the city and 18 miles per gallon on the highways. The car design of the automobile is so unique that it gives a tough competition to the Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe, Ferrari FF, Audi A8 and Bentley Continental GT 2020 when it comes to acceleration, features and facilities.


About RentMyRide


RentMyRide is one of the high ranking car rental firms that has been running its business for more than the past three years. We are known for the fleet of our five thousand cars that is in tip-top condition. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to clients. They can call them at any time of the day to enquire about various car models, types and facilities provided in them. Moreover, when people rent cars from us, we offer them around the clock roadside assistance. So they never feel left alone on the road when their car breaks down. Our vehicles are well maintained, so you will get the best automobiles from us when you hire them. Therefore, you can rent a luxury car in Dubai from us at the best price.

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