• Posted on Sep 22, 2019
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Is my driving license valid in UAE?

Is my driving license valid in UAE?  

Traveling to UAE on different occasions such as summer and winter holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve or any other special occasions what’s better way than renting a car and enjoying your stay in UAE.  Those visiting UAE with tourist visa with following countries driving license can rent and drive. As a tourist, one of the attractions of UAE life is the driving experience, UAE which is also known for its road infrastructure and driving down the highways is one of the experiences a tourist can enjoy. 


It’s very important for those visiting Dubai on visiting visa to check if they can drive with their home country’s driving license or they need international license if they are planning to drive a car or rent a car.  Driving license holder from following countries can drive rent and drive in UAE as per “Roads & Transport Authority”. 




      New Zealand

        South Africa


















        South Korea


     United Kingdom




    The United States



       Saudi Arabia


Note: Canadian license holders are required to verify and validate their license through Canadian consulate in the UAE. Driving license from Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Poland, South Korea and Turkey needs to be translated in English.

All the other countrieswill require international driving licensefrom their country. 


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