• Posted on Feb 07, 2021
  • Luxury Cars

Luxury rental car features you need for the best road trip experience

In the luxury car market, the luxury or premium automobiles provide a grand travelling experience. Top-end brands are responsible for manufacturing these automobiles. They have extraordinary features. For example, they have a stylish look, comfortable seats, a soft interior and a high-performance engine. Therefore you must rent a luxury car in Dubai if you like to cruise the city with style. Premium cars can commonly accommodate five people. They have the capacity to adjust two large suitcases and two small suitcases. If you are interested you can also look for luxury estate cars and crossovers. Moreover, you can also search for SUVs depending on where you want to go and how many people are travelling with you. So, you may be getting our point where we are leading to in this post. We will guide you about the luxury rental car features that are suitable for the best road trip experience.

The luxury car rental companies make changes in their fleet regularly. They sometimes often don't have exactly the same automobiles you want for rent. Since some of their cars are sent for cleaning and servicing. Others may be given for repairing and replacement. That is why you can find out about the different features of the luxury cars. So that you can look for features in similar choices if the car you have selected is not available for rent. 

Few Luxury Cars That Have Features that can Facilitate Best Road Trip

Audi A3 series and BMW 5 series Wifi-system. If you are looking for a Wifi-hotspot in the infotainment system of the car. Then it is provided in both the Audi A3 model of premium sedan and Audi A3 sports convertible model. What you will find in the car is a 4G LTE-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot. However, if both these cars are not available on rent. You can also look for BMW 5 Series that comes equipped with Hotspot LTE, it supports up to ten passengers for linking with the car’s Wifi system. It has one of the best wifi systems in the market. 

Think about travelling to your favourite shopping mall in Dubai while listening to the music you enjoy or watching movies on a high-speed internet connection. It is possible in these luxury cars and others. Therefore, both Audi A3 and BMW 5 series automobiles have luxury car features you need for the best road trip experience. Hence, book your Audi A3 series or BMW 5 series car from the best luxury car rental company near you.

Rolls Royce Wraith Night Vision. You will be surprised to know night vision technology has been introduced in luxury cars. With Rolls-Royce being the one that has added a reliable night vision system in their car. It is the standard feature of the car. The car has such a perfect night vision system that it comes with a pedestrian warning. You will find it very helpful if you are driving the car on the dimly lit routes. Therefore by renting a Rolls-Royce Wraith car you can enjoy the best road trip of your life in Dubai. So, next time when you have a road trip at night time, you can rent a luxury car in Dubai with night vision.

Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe Infotainment Features. The Mercedes-Benz S500 luxury car is another automobile that has a fantastic infotainment system. It comes equipped with the twelve-way state-of-the-art multi-angle adjustable, heated and airflow controlled power-driving front seats. They are created with the top-notch massage and memory-driven system. The trademark Keyless-Go technology makes it easy to come in and out of the car easily. Their soft to close doors enable the drivers to sit inside the automobile and come out conveniently. Hence, you can book this car from the top-notch luxury car rental company in Dubai for an enjoyable road trip.

You may also select the similar models of luxury cars for your road trip if the one you have selected is not available. So you can get the best features you are looking for in the model with slightly different specifications. Therefore to rent a luxury car in Dubai for your road trip, you should browse the car rental company’s website thoroughly. So that you can find a car that is according to your preferences. However, you can also obtain a specific model that you desire, from the premium luxury car rental company because most of them have fleets of cars that have thousands of automobiles in them. Hence, with little luck, you can get the one that is according to your interest.


Travelling in Dubai can be an entertaining experience. What you need is a luxury car for reaching different attractions of your choice. So you must rent a luxury car in Dubai. What makes your travelling enjoyable are features of the car you are travelling in. Therefore, the feature-rich luxury cars like Audi A3, BMW 5 series, Rolls Royce Wraith and Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe provide the facilities that will allow you to go on the best trip in Dubai. Therefore, contact a luxury car rental company for getting one of the luxury cars mentioned in the post.