Number 1 Attraction in Cosmopolitan to Explore When you Rent McLaren in Dubai

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Published on Jun 22, 2021

Dubai is one of the well-developed cities in the world. It is also known for the abundance of gold stores. The metropolis is famously referred to as the Festival City. Many people consider it the shopping capital of the UAE. The cosmopolitan has tremendously evolved over the period and has become one of the most visited Emirates of the nation. The city has to offer something to everyone. Those who visit it for vacations or business trips prefer to rent cars for travelling easily. Hiring a sports or luxury vehicle has plenty of perks. For example, you can look impressive while driving the brand new cars you hire from a car rental service. Therefore you can rent Mclaren in Dubai for appearing stylish to the people you meet. Also when you rent a sports car you don’t have to rely on the expensive public transport system. Moreover, public transport restricts you because you cannot visit too many destinations.


So you can go to plenty of entertaining locations in the Emirate when you hire a car from the nearby car rental. Since Dubai is a city that is similar to the other modern cities of the world. It has everything that can be found in a progressive city like New York. Moreover, you can easily compare it to London and Paris. Hence you can find all the luxuries in Dubai that these various cities have to offer. You may be amazed to learn that the Emirate is a central hub of tourist and business activity because of these reasons. Hence we are mentioning the best attraction in cosmopolitan to explore when you rent Mclaren in Dubai.



Skydiving the Number One Activity to Enjoy in Dubai


You may already know that Dubai provides the best land and water recreational activities. However, you will also be surprised to find out that the city offers the best adventures in the sky. You can enjoy skydiving in the metropolis. What can be more rewarding than descending from the plane at the height of 13,000 feet while flying in the sky? You will be covering the vertical distance at 120 miles/hour. You can live your dream of diving in the sky like a bird with this breathtaking pursuit. In Dubai, you can participate in both indoor and outdoor skydiving. That is how this activity is taken to the new level in the Emirate. After you hire a sports car from Mclaren rental in Dubai you can head to a skydiving station to enjoy the sport.


Read Our Instructions to Find out More About this Activity


Moreover, you can take part in this experience by reading our instructions. You can participate in outdoor skydiving in the open. However, if you are new to the sport you will participate in tandem skydiving. That means you will be connected to a professional skydiver with straps whenever you jump. However, in case you have a skydiving license, you can jump on your own. You can reach out to Mclaren car rental in Dubai for hiring a sports car. So you can go back to your hotel after you have completed your sky diving trip.


Visit Palm Zone to Participate in Sport


You can take part in Sky Diving at Palm Zone. It will provide you with a chance to fly down to the dazzling blue waters near Palm Island. Here you will get a chance to watch the Dubai skyline and notable attractions like Palm Jumeirah Island and Atlantis Hotel. You can also view Burj Al Arab as you descend from the plane. The price of skydiving at this venue is AED 2200. The address for the location is Al Seyahi St. Dubai. Visiting this Skydiving facility can be very easy. You can reach it by hiring a sports car from Mclaren rental in Dubai.


You can also Reach Desert Zone for Enjoying Skydiving


Dubai is an Emirate that provides fantastic views of the sea from one location and desert area from another. Desert Zone gives a perfect chance to the tourists to enjoy the sky diving sport. It is situated in the outside territory of the metropolis on the Al Aid Road. The setup offers unique views of the vast desert region of the cosmopolitan while skydiving. You will watch the beautiful dunes and the skyline of the city while travelling down to land. Moreover, you can also learn the art of self-controlled skydiving at both these skydiving venues. The price of participating in this sport at Desert Zone is AED 1700. For reaching the Desert Zone you can book a supercar from McLaren car rental in Dubai.


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