• Posted on Dec 05, 2019
  • Luxury Cars

Reasons to Opt-Out Mercedes Benz C200 Rental in Dubai for your Coming Trip!

Being an ex-pat when you're preparing for a vacation abroad - a comfy ride is usually a top priority after accommodation. Hiring Mercedes Benz C200 in Dubai – is an evergreen choice that never goes wrong. 

Choosing the right car rental can be a formidable situation, but not when you see Rent MyRide’s Mercedes Benz rental options. You could always choose to rent a compact luxury saloon car, but if you are going on vacation, why not splurge on a Mercedes Benz C 200 rental in Dubai. The meaty beasty is one of Mercedes' most popular car lineups and comes in a variety of different body styles including WAGONS, CONVERTIBLES, & SEDANS - perfectly suited to any travellers needs who need extra luggage space, or they wish to cruise a sunny coastal-line with the top down. Oh yes! This is the best choice for an ex-pat like you. Rent Mercedes in Dubai from the comprehensive fleet of the latest Mercedes Models at Rent MyRide.

Interested in Mercedes Benz Benz C200 rental in Dubai? Here is you need to know:

Where World-Class engineering socked with generations deep masterstroke of craftsmanship come together - That's where the Mercedes Benz C 200 Is born! 

The Mercedes Benz C200 is offered with a variety of body-style options and engines including wagons convertibles and sedans depending on the car model, the specifications listed below apply to the most common C 200 rental model offered in Dubai. This car features the GCC Specs coupled with striking amenities from push-button ignition, plush upholstery, parking sensors, sunroof, front & rear airbags to reverse camera, and other features. 

Insights into the Mercedes Benz Benz C 200 Specifications and Vehicle Information

  • Car Class: Luxury Sedan car 

  • Number of Doors: 4 (Four)

  • Number of Seats: 5 (Five)

  • Transmission: 9 SP AUTOMATIC G-TRONIC 

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline with rear wheel drive

  • Fuel Economy (Gas): 24/mpg

  •  Engine Configuration: 4 cylinder Petrol Turbo 2.0/L (241 HP)

  • Luggage Capacity: 356/L 

  • Acceleration (0-100km/h): 8.2 s (0-100 km/h)

  • Top Speed: 235 km/h

  • Fuel Consumption: 14.1 km/l

  • CO2 emission: 165 g/km (As tested by LTA)

  • Steering: RACK & PINION - power assisted

  • Primary amenities include: navigation system | climate control | cruise control | bespoke infotainment | safety features and much more

What Makes the Mercedes Benz C200 rental in Dubai – So AWESOME?

Comfort | Class | Performance defines its swag on roads the best. Witness the ultramodern design socked with generations deep masterstroke of craftsmanship to illustrate the interior of this true muscular athlete. Rent Mercedes Benz C200 in Dubai at Rent MyRide. This luxury SEDAN inherent the word-class engineering of Mercedes Benz C Class. The buttery soft leather seating, well-appointed and luxurious interior and precise driving feel make it a good rental choice. This car locks horns with Audi A4 | BMW 3 Series | Jaguar XE | & Infiniti Q50.

Rent Mercedes Benz C300 Convertible in Dubai at MyRide– a leading luxury car rental provider in Dubai. Not only will your passengers enjoy the spacious interior cabin with plenty of leg and headspace, but as a driver, you will enjoy the vehicles' top-tier performance and handling. Whether you're navigating through the cobbled streets of Dubai or zipping along the coastline en route to wide roads, the Mercedes Benz C Class will take you where you want to be in the utmost style and comfort. Go for Mercedes Benz C200 rental in Dubai to drive Down the road to roll a smooth driving experience. Book now to begin the happy cruising.