• Posted on Jan 25, 2021
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Top reasons to rent a car through RentMyride

RentMyRide is a company created by some of the greatest minds and open-hearted people whose vision was to make luxury cars accessible to everyone. With exciting packages and generous discounts, the company has created its way to the top in no time.

RentMyRide is a Luxury car rental company proficient in providing the finest services to its clients by setting them up with the car they desire or the supercar of their dreams. The ultimate mission is to provide its clients with unique cars collected from around the world. 

You might have heard that renting a car in Dubai is exhausting, but not if you rent a car from RentMyRide. Here are some reasons that renting a car from RentMyRide will be an excellent choice for your next vacation or business trip in Dubai. 

Easy Booking Process

RentMyRide’s team is efficient, and the process of booking your ride is simple. You don’t have to go through complicated steps to book a car for yourself. You just need to register yourself online, choose the vehicle that you require, make the payment, and you are good to go. We keep our transactions transparent and do not hide any extra charges. We train our team to provide you with all the guidance you require about our vehicles, about the process and the requirements.  

Extensive Range of Cars

RentMyRide is a luxury car rental company that prides itself on acquiring the most exotic luxury cars from all over the world. Maximum comfort and luxury are guaranteed if you rent from us. The vehicles are of the latest models and available in multiple colours. Whether you are in Dubai for a business trip or vacation with family or need a car for any other purpose, you can find the luxury car you require. We have Sedan, convertibles, minivans, crossovers, luxury trucks, coupe, sports cars, SUVs, Limousines, all ready for you. 

Biggest Fleet of Supercars

Supercars are the highlight of luxury life in Dubai. Many people around the world come to this city just to experience the thrilling drives of sportscars. RentMyRide with its fleet of 5000 supercars can fulfil every desire you have regarding your dream supercar. You can rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford, Maclaren, Audi, Maserati, Porsche, and other renowned brand cars from us. 

Customer- Oriented Luxury Car Rental Packages

Dubai is a city where you can have all the breathtaking experiences like Sky Diving, Parasailing, Helicopter rides, Yacht Tours, and many more. This city has destinations that can boggle your mind in the best possible way, but there are expensive too. RentMyRide is offering many helicopter tours and free tickets to exotic places in Dubai. You can get a luxury car for your travel and a helicopter ride with it. Now, this is a package that you don’t miss. For example, if you rent a Lamborghini, you can get a free helicopter ride, Rent a Ferrari and get one free ticket for adventurous Ferrari World, Rent a Rolls Royce Ghost get a free yacht tour. These and many other packages are waiting for you on our website. 

Confirm your Car and Get your Car Delivered on the Same Day Within 60 Minutes 

Most of the time, when you are renting a car, it takes time. Many luxury car rental companies demand a prior booking but not on RentMyRide. If you book your car with us online, we will deliver your car within 60 minutes to your punched destination. For many of our vehicles, we don’t even ask for a security deposit. You can have the comfort of a luxury car for your entire trip. 

Flexible Booking Days Options and Flexible Payment Options

Your Business Trip may be of few hours, a day or a week, but your vacation days might extend to a month, we don’t promise for other things, but we can promise you a luxury car for as many days as you like. You can rent your required car for a few hours, a whole day or even a month, so why go through the hassle of booking a new car, unless you want to ride different sports cars. For that, we have an exquisite variety too. We also offer multiple payment methods for our luxury car rental service. You can pay via MasterCard, Paypal, American Express, bitcoin, or your visa card. Our priority is to provide ease with the best cars and the renting process. 

RTA Certified Drivers 

At RentMyRide all the chauffeurs are trained, and RTA (Road and Transport Authority Dubai) certified. They have a detailed knowledge of Dubai’s traffic rules, and they are also familiar with the fastest routes to reach your required destinations. Suppose you are new or don’t want to struggle with the GPS. A chauffeur service is a smart choice.   

Renting a car in Dubai is can be hectic if you don’t have the proper guidance. Unline many luxury car rental companies RentMyRide always deliver what they promised, and we also provide 24/7 roadside assistance to our clients, and our mileage limits are comprehensive.