• Posted on Feb 25, 2021
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Top three 4-Wheel Vehicles for Desert Safari

Dubai is a famous Emirate. Moreover, it's an excellent destination for vacations. The cosmopolitan has all the charms a modern traveller desires. The Emirate has all the attractions from shopping malls to restaurants. It is one of the fantastic places to visit during the holiday, with family or your friends. Therefore you may be wondering about visiting the attractive city of Dubai. Hence you may need a car to roam its elegant streets. That is why you must contact SUV car rental in Dubai so that you can rent an auto for reaching your favourite locations. Renting an automobile is necessary before making flight reservations and booking hotels in Dubai. That will make your stay an enjoyable one. So when you reach the city by air, you have a car that can take you to your hotel.

Once you have unpacked your belongings and completed your rest, you will have an urge to travel the city. The best way to enjoy the rich culture and natural beauty of the metropolis is to go on a desert safari. Therefore, your very first destination on reaching Dubai can be the Arabian desert. An SUV rental Dubai can help you immensely. They can rent you an SUV that can travel in the desert region. So you can have all the fun while your car moves like a roller coaster on the dunes. Therefore for making your Dubai trip enjoyable, we are providing the details about the top three 4-wheel vehicles for the desert Safari.

1. Range Rover Sports SVR 2020

Top-quality SUVs like the Range Rover Sports SVR is the most demandable car for desert safari. The auto was on the path to evolution over time, transforming into a high-performance sports automobile from a simple SUV with a top-end engine. You can drive the auto on rugged terrains. It is an SUV that has a 500 horsepower engine. There is ample space in the car for the passengers and luggage. The auto has a track-oriented chassis structure. The Range Rover Sports SVR specifically provides the luxuries plus the grace of the Range Rover name. The SUV has powerful exterior styling and a very comfortable sitting space.

With a luxury car rental in Dubai at your service, you can always receive a Range Rover Sports SVR 2020 at your doorstep.

2. Ford F150 Shelby

Ford has manufactured the 2021 F-150 Shelby with six powertrains. They have also included hybrid technology for the first time. There is a three cab specification, and it comes in both long and brief bed lengths. Need something to impress your dear ones? This car has everything that can create everlasting impressions on everyone, you know. Also, it is an excellent 4-wheel vehicle for a desert safari. It has the power to climb the dunes with smoothness. It is a powerhouse by Ford. That can leave trails of sand behind when cruising in the desert.

Desert safari fans have an opportunity to contact luxury car rental in Dubai to receive the Ford F150 Shelby.

Ford comes equipped with an eight-inch infotainment screen that comes installed as a standard instrument. There is AppleCarPlay and Android Auto technology in the SUV. They are part of the standard feature set. Moreover, there is a Wi-Fi hotspot option and GPS in Ford 150 Shelby. The auto has a SiriusXM radio unit. There is an optional Bang & Olufsen stereo sound system inside the car. You can update the car's information system software over the air with new versions. The drivers of the auto also can receive weather conditions information through the navigation unit. The 4-wheel auto also has onboard telematics to accommodate fleet clients to assist them in locating automobile location. This tool also tells about car usage.

Moreover, with SUV rental Dubai, you can rent the SUV of your choice quickly.

3. BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a stylish family SUV that is comfortable to drive. It has big luxurious seats. The SUV comes with a posh interior that includes a notable iDrive infotainment system. It comes with plenty of elegant features. As per the auto experts, it is amongst the most demandable family SUVs.

When referring to the gearbox, there is an eight-speed automatic transmission system in the BMW X5. That's a standard attribute of the SUV. The SUV comes in a front-wheel-drive edition. With little luck, you can also rent a secondary 4-wheel-drive from the SUV rental Dubai.

You can rent BMW X5 from the suitable SUV car rental in Dubai at the best price.

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