• Posted on Jun 28, 2021
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What are the requirements to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai?

The most prestigious luxury car of all times, Rolls Royce is everyone’s dream car. The British marvel has made its name significant in the automotive industry with its brilliant artistry and advanced features. The elegance and luxury that Rolls Royce emits are unmatchable and unparalleled. The vehicle soon caught the attention of car lovers with its arrival. Especially in Dubai, its demand is getting high every day. People have shown significant interest in renting Rolls Royce, that’s why Rolls Royce hire Dubai is a popular concept there. Although the car rental business is quite thriving in the city, the procedure of renting a Rolls Royce or any car is pretty much easy but people sometimes get confused and overwhelmed with so many options around. Also, sometimes with no or minimum knowledge, the client starts to feel the procedure of renting a car difficult as well, but in reality it is not that tough if you are eligible enough to fulfil the requirements. Here are those requirements that need to be fulfilled to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai:


Age Requirement to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai


Driving something luxurious and majestic like Rolls Royce required uttermost care, attention, and responsibility. That’s why in Dubai the age criteria of renting luxury cars such as Rolls Royce is different. The city allows its residents to hold the car at the age of 18 but if you want to rent a luxury car then standards are a little different. In Dubai, if you want to rent a luxury car then you should be at least 21 years old. This age criterion is set by the government. As these luxury cars are not easy to handle and when they are rented one has to pay more attention and has to be more responsible about it. If you are 21 years or older then you are eligible to rent any model of Rolls Royce in Dubai.


Necessary Documents Required by Rolls Royce Hire Dubai


When it comes to luxury cars, car rental companies pay heed to every little detail of a client. For the sake of safety and surety, these companies ask for some legal and validate documents. Those documents are below:

If you are tourists in Dubai, the company will be needing your:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • International Driving Permit (IDP) or Similar

Without IDP, you won’t be allowed to rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai except if you belong to these countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • GCC Countries

If you are resident in Dubai, then you will be needing to provide these documents:

  • UAE Approved Driving Licence
  • Emirates ID Card


Rolls Royce hire Dubai or any other car hire will ask for these documents for validation before they rent a luxury Rolls Royce to you. So if you have plans of renting a luxury car in Dubai then keep these documents close.


Security Deposits and Insurance Verification to Rent Rolls Royce in Dubai


Most Rolls Royce car rentals in Dubai have the policy of asking for security deposits. It is the safety measure that many companies take so that the driver who is renting the car can be more responsible on the road. Moreover, the deposit depends on the car you are renting, the more luxurious and expensive maintenance car you pick, the more deposit you have to pay. So it’s the client's responsibility to check the deposit price of the Rolls Royce he or she is renting. The security deposit can be paid through cash and credit or debit card, depending on the preference of the car rental company.


In Dubai, many Rolls Royce rentals offer basic insurance coverage on rental cars under the law of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai, in the case of accidental damage, provided you are not at fault then the company will be covering it. In case of any damage or accident whether you are at fault or not providing a police report is a necessity. If you have your personalized auto insurance then you are authorized to verify it with the car rental company. An insured car brings benefits both for the company and the clients. So renting an insured luxury Rolls Royce is an essential requirement.


Final Words:


These are the top main requirements to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai. If you are found eligible enough to drive any model of Rolls Royce with these above-mentioned documents, then the procedure will go smoothly. Dubai has many car rental companies that offer the best services with basic requirements such as RentMyRide. Our company has been in service since 2017 and offers an extensive range of Rolls Royce vehicles. All the exotic and elegant models of this British brand are available at our Rolls Royce hire Dubai. Rent your favourite Rolls Royce from us with the simplest procedure and enjoy unlimited benefits.