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Rent Ferrari - Dubai

Rent a Ferrari in Dubai for a sporty drive. RentMyRide, a renowned car rental agency in Dubai, has a collection of one of the best and most luxurious sports car brands, Ferrari, an Italian automobile manufacturer synonymous with luxury, speed, and performance.

Ferrari is known for producing automobiles with outstanding performance, technology, and design. While Enzo Ferrari established the company in 1939 (as Auto Avio Construzione), the brand officially came into existence in 1947 when the 125 S, the first car with a Ferrari badge, drove through Ferrari’s Maranello factory gates.

A Ferrari, with its exquisite exterior and plush interior, is a car that perfectly complements the magnificence of Dubai. So, what better way to explore the city and the rest of the UAE than on a Ferrari F12, F8, 488, or Portofino? Go ahead and get a Ferrari for rent in Dubai and experience an incredible ride. Whether you're visiting for the first time, traveling on vacation with your best friends, or looking to spend some quality time alone, we have the right Ferrari for you.

Why Choose Our Ferrari Car Rental Company?

Renting Ferrari in Dubai is easy with RentMyRide. Whether you need a luxurious automobile for a business trip or want to experience the pleasures of driving an extraordinarily powerful sports car, renting a premium car like a Ferrari has many advantages. 

Below is a detailed overview of our assistance and services:

Free Pickup And Delivery

Googling “How to rent a Ferrari for a day near me?” You can be anywhere in Dubai; it doesn’t matter. You don’t need a car rental company near you because RentMyRide offers free pickup and delivery across Dubai. We can pick you up anytime and drop you off wherever you wish to go. Our skilled chauffeur will meet you at the airport, hotel, or any other location to pickup or deliver the vehicle.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support to fulfill our clients’ rental needs. Our team of experts is highly trained to support you throughout the process and help you with all your questions, such as what you need to do to rent Ferrari, Dubai price of Ferrari rentals, and queries regarding car rental.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Rest assured, we’re available to assist you 24/7 through any road mishaps. For any incident, accident, or problem on the road, call us, and we will immediately send a team out to help you.

Delivery In Just 60 Minutes

As a premier automobile rental company, our clients’ convenience comes first. Thus, on-time car delivery is a top concern. Therefore, we ensure we can deliver your vehicle within 60 minutes wherever you are in the city.

Same Day Booking Confirmation

RentMyRide makes renting Ferrari in Dubai easy. We put a premium on prompt service, so we confirm bookings on the same day.

No Hidden Charges

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari? Whatever price is on your rental plan is what you pay. Our services and rental pricing are highly transparent and flexible, and there are no hidden charges in our rental packages. This ensures our prices are affordable and more than reasonable.

Zero To Minimum Deposits

We offer no-hassle rentals with our zero to minimum-deposit policy.

Daily, Monthly, or Hourly Ferrari Rental

Dubai is a popular tourist and business destination, and our clients have different preferences and needs. Some need to rent a car for only one, two, or several hours, while others require transportation for weeks or months. Thus, for your convenience, we provide a variety of options to rent Ferrari. Dubai per hour, day, and month rental packages are available.

Hourly Package

RentMyRide has hourly car rental packages. You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai for one hour, two hours, or several hours. This is the package to get if you simply want to experience driving a Ferrari on Dubai’s roads or if you have other things to do that don’t require you to move around Dubai.

Daily Package

Our daily rental plans are highly flexible and are ideal for days when you feel like going on a long drive to explore the entirety of Dubai or other parts of the UAE. This is also the package for you if you want to experience driving a different car every day you’re in Dubai. One day you can rent and drive a Ferrari F8; the next day, you can go with a Ferrari Portofino. You may even change to a different luxury car brand daily.

Monthly Package

RentMyRide offers monthly car rental packages for tourists and residents who need long-term car rental services. Our monthly rental plans provide the greatest value.

Explore Dubai in a Ferrari

Dubai is a multi-faceted modern metropolis where tall, modern skyscrapers share the space with traditional markets and souks. It also has some of the most well-maintained roads in the world. Indeed, it is a place that invites you to rev up, drive, and explore.

Like Dubai, a Ferrari car is a harmonious mix of the brand’s rich history and modern technology. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai from RentMyRide and begin your incredible journey.