Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Our limited time subscription program is active from 22nd October 2019 onwards until 25th October 2019, we will be offering cars for up to 99% discount rates.
The offer is for a limited period and limited car such as one or two cars a day.
It is a first come first serve based program.
How does it work?
1) You need to sign up with the website and create an account
2) In offers section of account profile, you need to purchase a subscription package based on the preference.
3) Upon purchasing a subscription, it will clearly mention the number of days the subscription will be valid for.
4) Within those days, you can avail of any offer on a first come, first serve basis.
5) Keep an eye on the home page for amazing offers during the period of 22nd October 2019 until 25th October 2019.
Important terms condition for offers: -
- A booking made through offers is valid for 1 DAY RENTAL ONLY. if a renter wishes to rent more than one day then normal renting charges will apply.
- A renter (subscriber) will NOT have any refund if the subscription period is expired and an offer is not acclaimed or could not be acclaimed due to first come, first serve policy.
- Normal car rental terms and conditions as mentioned above in the car rental terms section apply.
- A security deposit amount will be applied depending on the car type. 
- Cars with 0 deposit have to be booked with a VALID CREDIT CARD only.

- From 22nd October until 25th October 2019 each offer goes live at 12 PM.

- Offers could go live before the scheduled time, which could be possible due to testing modules. 

- Offers booked anytime before 12 PM will not be awarded. 

- Offer will go live at 12 PM every day during the promoted days for 5 mins, any individual that books the offer 1st will be awarded the offer. 

- Subscribers buying offers but not being the first to purchase it will not be awarded of the offer as there is ONLY 1 slot of available car available for each offer.

- Subscribers buying an offer at 12 PM and not being the first one will not be refunded of their amount paid. 

Bookings made through offers and confirmed by Rent Myide are NON-REFUNDABLE at any stage and regular cancellation policies do not apply.


- A subscription is active from the moment you purchase the subscription.

-Offers on the home page have a timer that will notify the subscriber when the offer is on.
-Subscribers can avail offers on the discounted rate only within the days of their subscription validity.
-Upon expiry of the subscription, and no offer acclaimed, the customer will NOT BE REFUNDED the subscription amount paid at any stage. 

Due to a high volume of inquiries: kindly email us on [email protected] ONLY if you purchased an offer and wish to know more details.

If you wish to know more about the offers kindly email us on [email protected]