• Posted on Mar 31, 2021
  • Luxury Cars

Best Road Trips of Your Life Time in UAE

To go on a road trip that you can enjoy the fullest, you must have a trustworthy automobile. It should take you from your starting point to your destination, comfortably and conveniently. Therefore, any car that is in good condition can do wonders for you. However, if you are a premium car enthusiast who wants to reach all the venues in style, you can rent Ferrari in Dubai. So, moving on to road trips. A fun road trip is all you require to re-energize yourself and relieve yourself of stress. This trip can be taken anywhere inside UAE and especially to various destinations from Dubai. That is an Emirate visited by thousands of visitors on a world-wide basis. Hence the UAE is not a very big country but has all types of attractions. That suits the requirements of almost all types of travellers. Moreover, the metropolitan city of Dubai has got it all. From the refreshing beaches to impressive mountains and splendid roads, the city has everything in it.


The UAE’s fascination with supercars is never-ending. The people of the city want to drive in new sports cars all the time. Moreover, the nation has a top standard road structure that is ideal for driving supercars. So the metropolis is known for the best roads for driving muscle cars. Therefore, in this post, we will be discussing the best road trips in UAE and Dubai. You can rent Lamborghini in Dubai for making the most out of your trips.


1. Jebel al Jais


Jebel al Jais is the highest peak in the UAE. It has a height of about more than six thousand feet and is at the UAE and Oman border. When you go to this location, you will travel by road with plenty of great views. The territory is rough and rocky. According to the trip advisors, people who are seeking little adventure should go on this road trip. The curves and bends of the road when you slowly reach the height will keep you delighted. Moreover, you can visit this road from Dubai in an hour. Therefore you can rent Lamborghini in Dubai to go on this stellar trip.


2. Hatta


You can embark on a fun-filled road trip from Dubai to Hatta. Therefore, travel advisors suggest that you can start your mountainous road trip with awe-inspiring attractions by travelling a distance for a few hours. It can be an energizing tour. The trip will offer you a great chance of spending your vacations exploring the natural beauty of the Emirate. There is plenty to do once you reach Hatta away from the rush of the metropolitan area. You can go to a mountain safari. Also, you can participate in kayaking. Or reach out to Hatta Hill park for recreational time. You can also visit Hatta Rock Pools to enjoy shining water passing by rocks. You can rent Ferrari in Dubai to go on a memorable trip to Hatta.


3. Liwa


Rent your favourite SUV and turn on your best tunes to reach out to the very long road, passing from the enormous desert that is called the empty zone. Do you want to spend time admiring the brilliant desert? You can stay for a night at the suburban hotel. It is called the Tilal Liwa, situated in the desert. Therefore you can rent Ferrari in Dubai for the ultimate trip to Liwa.


4. Kalba


Sharjah road is a spacious yet easy to drive road that is fifty kilometres long. When you go on the Sharjah road trip, you can have a very cheerful time. You can be amused by watching the various landscapes. However, the best part of the trip comes after fifty kilometres when the mountains start coming up and the road curves start appearing. You can also have fun by driving your car from the 1.27 km tunnel. When you have covered the distance of the tunnel, the vibrant beauty of Fujairah will welcome you. The dazzling views of Fujairah’s shores near this road will enhance your travelling experience. It will be an extraordinary ride filled with sights that will revitalize your senses. You can complete this trip with great joy and laughter by travelling in a sports car. So rent lamborghini in Dubai for a tour that will inspire you with the natural wonders.


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