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Drive in Style With Audi

With its four rings, the iconic Audi emblem is perhaps one of the most recognizable automobile brands available today. Being one of Germany’s oldest car manufacturers, Audi has remained a desirable class since its inception, and its popularity has only risen with its high-tech depiction in the Iron Man series of films. Since then, Audi has managed to wow audiences worldwide, focusing on beautiful design, state-of-the-art technology, and best-in-class performance without compromising quality.

Rent an Audi in Dubai and turn heads with our fleet of luxury cars at RentMyRide. Be it a convertible (Cabriolet), hatchback, crossover, SUV, compact sports, compact executive, saloon (Sedan), or coupe, RentMyRide offers a vast fleet of Audi vehicles for you to choose from. We even have the highly sought-after Audi R8 – one of the finest luxury cars equipped with a V10 engine that will give any driver a thrill of a lifetime. You can also get chauffeur services exclusively made for you.

Why Rent an Audi in Dubai?

Audi is a brand popular for developing the first-ever fully electric vehicle in the world. Based in Germany, the carmaker has a wide range of automobiles that come with both style and performance. 

Here are a few more reasons renting an Audi in Dubai is a good decision:


Quattro All-Wheel-Drive System

Audi cars are equipped with the brand’s signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Along with the dynamic steering that debuted in Audi's 2018 SQ5 SUV, these cars make driving more intuitive and safer.


 Active Suspension

If you hate bumpy car rides, you’ll surely love our rental Audis at RentMyRide. Equipped with active suspension, each of these vehicles can “sense” the severity of the humps and dips on the road and adjust accordingly. Although roads in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai aren’t that bad, you’ll find this feature handy when encountering speed bumps and when making tight turns.


 Semi-Autonomous Driving

Want a stress-free drive? Audi cars also have a semi-autonomous driving feature with adaptive cruise control and lane assist that make driving rental cars in Dubai easier and safer. No more worrying about blind spots or collisions.


Top-of-the-Line Interior

The Audi car rentals we offer at RentMyRide also come with stellar interiors that offer the best convenience, comfort, and luxury that money can buy. Made from top-quality materials, the seats and the entire cabin is designed for any type of weather – even the scorching summers in Dubai. Audis come with ventilated seats and three-zone automatic climate control that optimize the vehicle’s environment for optimum passenger comfort.


Daily, Hourly & Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

RentMyRide thrives on the contentment and satisfaction of our clients. We uphold our promise of reliable car rental assistance in Dubai, delivering only the best service to our customers. Dubai is an international tourist and business spot, which is why people show a preference towards luxury transportation, providing optimum convenience for their trip. With that in mind, our luxury car rental in Dubai offers packages and deals that can benefit the clients.

We have several options and rental plans that can cater to your unique needs and preferences. You can rent a car for an hour, a day, or a month at an affordable rate:


1. Hourly Car Rental Packages

RentMyRide offers hourly car rental packages to fulfill your minimum transportation requirements in Dubai. You can drive any luxury vehicle for a short period and choose from any of the automobiles featured in our inventory. Rent an Audi in Dubai for a couple of hours and enjoy your travels around the city in style.


2. Daily Car Rental Packages

We also have daily plans for visitors who need to rent a car in Dubai. Our short-term rental plans are super flexible and come with a wide selection of compact cars and high-performance vehicles. Need a vehicle for less than a month but more than a few days? Our car rentals in Dubai also come in weekly plans.


3. Monthly Car Rental Packages

RentMyRide cars are also available for those who are staying in Dubai longer. Both UAE citizens and tourists can experience the best drive of their lives with our monthly automobile rental in Dubai. We have a vast selection of compact cars for the crowded city roads and larger vehicles available for long-term rental in the Emirate.

Choose the perfect ride based on your specific needs to travel in and around Dubai comfortably.


Why Hire an Audi From RentMyRide

RentMyRide is a leading automobile rental company offering top-of-the-line vehicles like an Audi to meet your transportation needs in the UAE. Besides a wide range of options, you can also take advantage of awesome privileges, discounts, and deals. 

Scroll down to learn about the endless perks and incentives you can get when you rent Audi cars from us:


Multiple Locations for Pickup & Delivery

RentMyRide offers free pickups and delivery in several locations. We have expanded our reach across the city and have been delivering luxury vehicles to our clients’ preferred locations. Book an Audi from anywhere in the city. We will pick you up or drop you off without unnecessary charges.


60-Minute Delivery

With our quick and reliable car rental service, you can rest assured that a vehicle will be waiting for you in as fast as 60 minutes. At RentMyRide, we take pride in providing a dependable car rental service that not only offers a wide range of vehicle options but also speedy vehicle delivery.


Airport Transfers

Here at RentMyRide, we understand the need to travel in style and convenience. We can take you wherever you want to go upon your arrival at the airport. Book one of our Audis and enjoy custom-tailored services designed specifically for you. Our capable chauffeurs can pick you up and can drop you off at your desired location.


24/7 Customer Support

Need a car rental on the spot? Our 24/7 customer support is here to help. Our team of friendly and professional customer service agents is available to help you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any break. You can contact them with queries regarding car rental and they will help you find the best possible solutions.